something from Japan

Need something from Japan?  Having trouble getting parts for your JDM car?  Need something from Yahoo Auctions?

I can help.

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Garage Kei Merchandise

Ask yourself.

How can I support Garage Kei?

You can do that by purchasing stickers,  key rings, or a spot on my garage door for your name to permanently live.

All products are hand made right here.

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Where it all started.

2 instagram accounts, a facebook page, and a Youtube channel filled with Kei car content, JDM madness, Drifting, Japanese sightseeing and more.

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Get it done

Garage kei started as me just trying to record the things I was doing in my garage on instagram so I could have memories later in life.

Then people started to like what I was doing. I got a second Instagram page and finally started shooting and editing videos on my phone for Youtube.

Now I offer help to people buying things from Japan.



Japanese things.

Your gateway to ordering things from Japan.
Simply send me a link to something you'd like to buy and I can give you a quote.