Yahoo Auctions and beyond.

If you are tired of dealing with a faceless, nameless corporation to get your fix of JDM goodies from Yahoo Auctions or other websites in Japan, let me know how I can help.

Specializing in new and used car parts.

Ask about world wide distribution of new or used oem or after market car parts and wheels.

Get your Garage Kei goods right here.

Stickers in various designs and sizes are available now!

Hand made, limited edition, keyrings.

I’ve got you covered in the car parts department.

Found a set of wheels online that you simply must have but they have tires on them? You can’t import used / mounted tires into your country? I have a tire removing machine in house for the removal and disposal of used tires. This means a faster and cheaper turn around and quicker delivery to you.

New parts directly from the manufacturers. Used parts in stock and available through Yahoo Auctions.