F6A TWINCAM cam housing gasket set



F6A TWINCAM engine cam shaft housing gasket set.
Includes all gaskets for the cam housings.
Suits F6A TWINCAM models only

1988-1990 CL11V
1988-1990 CM11V
1991-1993 CM22V
1989-1990 CN11S
1990-1991 CN21S
1990-1991 CP21S
1991-1994 CR22S
1991-1994 CS22S

91-95 EA11R Suzuki Cappuccino

1992~ PG6SS AZ1 / CARA

Set contents:
Camshaft housing gasket x2
distributor case gasket x1
cam shaft thrust plate gasket x1
cam seals x2
Breather case gasket x1

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