How much does it cost to send X to my country?

I don’t quote shipping to your country with the price of the goods!
Once I have the items I can get a shipping quote for you.
Because realistically your guess is as good as mine until I ask at the post office.
You can use the link below to check what weight will cost what to send.

How do I pay and what happens after I pay?

Payment method is PayPal.
My PayPal is:

Once payment is transferred to me then I’ll buy/order the items. E-checks take ages to clear. I won’t order until that check clears….

Please make all payments in ¥ so we don’t run into any exchange rate troubles.

Please use this calculator: when sending money.
You’re responsible for the PayPal fees.

Can you send wheels?


Can you send shocks?


I can not send shocks! Nothing with oil or gas in it.

Can you send something like a differential or a turbo?


A differential is ok but I have to clean it thoroughly (so it looks new) and I’ll need to be compensated for my time.
They are extremely strict on this!
I have not had any troubles with turbos so far.

Used oil catch tanks need to be cleaned.

Can you send via shipping container?


Shipping containers are a huge hassle and I don’t deal with them.

What kind of warranty or refunds service do you have?


There is no warranty, there are no refunds, and orders can not be cancelled.

The logistics of that alone are mind boggling so I don’t do it.

Other information

I take no responsibility for ordering something that can not be shipped!
I send through EMS and by request, surface mail (though I advise against sending surface. Yea it’s cheaper but not worth it.)
Ems size restrictions to the USA are: Max. 1.5m long.
Length + the circumference of the item must not exceed 275cm.
UK and most other countries are: Length + the circumference of the item must not exceed 3m.
Max weights also apply.
They are very strict on this.
For more information go here.
I normally send wheels in sets of 2.

I try to catch every order containing something that can’t be sent but if I’m having a bad day and you order something that can’t be sent, that’s on you…..

I’ll store the item for a time until you can figure out another way to get your item.